Coursing Woods Karambit Hunting Knife

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Karambit knives are all purpose, perfectly designed tools that are capable of any task that requires a knife. The Coursing Woods Karambit Knife is no different. Karambit knives are characterized by the presence of a ring or finger hole at the pommel of the knife which is added grip. Due to this added grip and handle shape, karambits like the Coursing Woods are incredibly easy to hold onto and hold in different ways which allows different parts of the blade to be used for different tasks. The gently curving nature of the 440c stainless steel blade makes it a preferable hunting knife and the size makes it perfect for medium to large game. However, this knife is universal enough that it is not limited to hunting and can be used in any job that would require a knife. Since you never know what problems you may run into, it is wise to keep a blade around and the Coursing Woods Karambit Knife is the perfect tool for camping, hunting, home maintenance, and emergency repairs.

The Coursing Woods Karambit Knife is a reliable and durable tool to have around due to its construction. The blade is 440c stainless steel which is corrosion resistant so you have no need to worry about it rusting in rainy conditions. This knife is full tang as well which maximizes the durability of the blade and balances the knife. The handle grips are composed of Meranti wood, a tropical hardwood, that has a gorgeous red hue and beautiful striations. The wood is fully sealed to prevent splinters and corrosion so every part of this knife prioritizes longevity, durability, and protection from the elements so it can be used in all conditions. The Coursing Woods is a Karambit knife which are known for their multifunctional use and their variations in reliable grips. This knife is just as fitting for a newbie at hunting who needs to focus on technique as it is for a professional who wants to perfect technique. Also included is a brown genuine leather sheath equipped with a belt loop for safe storage and easy carry. Overall Length: 11.5 Inches. Weight: 0.68 lbs.

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