Convenient Company Medieval Folding Functional Camping Hiking Heavy Duty Food Prep Outdoor Cookware Kitchenware Frying Pan w/ Wood Handle

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Camping with friends inarguably better than camping alone. However, it can be difficult to find camping gear for larger groups. The Convenient Company Heavy Duty Folding Frying Pan is the obvious choice when it comes to outdoor cookware when serving large groups. This pan has an edge diameter of 14.55 inches which means it is large enough for any size meal. The handle folds into the pan for compact storage and carry so it takes up as little room in your pack as possible. Wood scales are pinned to the handle in two places for easy handling when the pan is over a fire. The end of the handle is rolled into an elegant spiral and twisted as well for a classic finishing touch. The Convenient Company Folding Frying Pan is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or indoor chef. Overall Length w/ Handle: 28.25 Inches. Weight: 5 lbs.

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