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Asuna Yuukis Lambent Light Rapier Sword SAO

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The Lambent Light is a one handed rapier owned by Asuna Yuuki of the SAO series. It was created by her best friend, Lisbeth. Asuna earned her the nickname “The Flash? due to her speed combined with her rapier. Asuna is a heroine in her own right and is the partner of Kirito.  The Lambent Light is constructed of steel with a wooden handle and zinc aluminum guard and pommel.  The hilt has been painted with a mint cream green color and silver detailing. This rapier has a flower on each side of the hilt that encompasses the blade for a small feminine touch.   This one handed rapier includes a wooden scabbard with a glossy red finish and silver accents.  Join Asuna and her trusty rapier “ Lambent Light? in the SAO adventure.