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Dark Espada Renaissance Rapier Swept Hilt Sword

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En Garde! Black flourishes on the pommel and the elaborate guard of the sword as well as the scabbards locker and chafe set this Renaissance Rapier apart. With a reach of well over three feet, this sword is ideal for extending ones parry beyond that of an opponent or piercing between armor plates. An elaborate knuckle guard provides protection for the bearers hand along with a deluxe three-branch loop guard, making this rapier ideal for fencing or one-on-one sparring. The ABS glossy handle with black spiral wire makes the sword very comfortable to use and provides for a better grip for stage use. The flexible 440 stainless steel blade offers a mirror polish finish which is concealed inside of a brown wooden scabbard, making this rapier an elegant piece of workman ship. Relying on mercenary armies to a much greater extent than their Western and Northern European friends, gentlemen of the Italian city-states were able to devote a greater deal of their time to mastering the art of fencing and dueling. Under the dominion of the Spanish Hapsburgs, Italian style and Spanish steel became forged into one under the hands of the finest sword smiths (known as espaderos) in Renaissance Europe. Inspired by the exquisite, hand-crafted designs of Spains most noted artisans such as Tomas de Ayala, official sword maker of Phillip II, this swept hilt rapier is a beautiful re-creation of those weapons brandished by the most noble gentlemen in the Mediterranean domains of the Spanish Hapsburgs. From Spain itself (the Spanish Espada) to Naples and Milan (the Italian Spada), the reputation of these weapons was legendary throughout the 16th-17th Centuries, making this authentic replica ideal for collectors, enthusiasts and for stage use.