Armory Replicas ™ The Cursed Black Knight Functional Medieval Leg Armor

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These protective leg armors are a truly important component of the Cursed Black Knight armor set because the legs are a target so easily hit during battles or dueling. These battle-ready full leg armors are crafted with incredibly reliable 16-gauge steel that has been aged to give it its special blackened look ideal for a true knight of the damned, while the nice pure brass decorations show that your character is edgy yet elegant. They are properly articulated and offer good mobility while keeping a satisfactory level of protection. All in all, they will suit your needs even in the worst situations. Just wear it over a nice black hose and you will be sure to strike a great impression in your next event! It can be bought alone or as a part of our deadly beautiful “The Cursed Black Knight” armor set. Overall Length: Approximately 24 inches, Fitment: Adult Sizes.

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