Armory Replicas ™ The Cursed Black Knight Functional Medieval Helmet Armor

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Are you ready to wield the power of the infamous Cursed Black Knight? This impressive helmet is the main component of our Armory Replicas Cursed Black Knight armor set. It has been designed to maximize vision during fighting while keeping the fighter properly ventilated at the same time to help sustain stamina during a long duel. It is a trustable battle-ready piece that will properly protect you even during the most challenging battles while not over burdening you with excessive weight. The carefully shaped surface provides excellent deflecting capability and considerably reduces the probability of getting stunned by heavy blows: even a polearm or a cavalry lance strike will simply glance off most of the time without bringing you to your knees or making you fall from your horse! This gorgeous armor is loosely inspired by a detailed illustration depicting a combat between Marco Valerio and a Gallic Giant in the mannuscript ‘La Prima Deca’ by Tito Livio dated around 1373 which is nowadays preserved at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan. It can be bought alone or as a part of our deadly beautiful “Cursed Black Knight Armor Set”.

Forehead Circumference: Approximately 27.5 inches

Height: Approximately 12 inches

Width: Approximately 8 inches

Eye Slits: 6x.5 inches

Weight: Approximately 7 lbs

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