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Splinted 16g Leg Armor Viking Greaves

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These greaves are limb armor consisting of strips of metal ("splints") that are attached to a fabric (cloth or leather) backing ("foundation"). The splints are narrow metal strips arranged longitudinally, pierced for riveting or sewing to the foundation. Splint armor is most commonly found as greaves or vambraces. This set here is constructed of 16g bands that are riveted to leather straps with buckle closures.  These are a great way for a warrior to protect their shins without adding a lot of extra weight to the legs.  Use them to perfect a Renaissance Faire costume or for re-enactments.

Overall Length: 10.78 Inches
Overall Width: 8 Inches
Material: 16 Gauge Steel, Leather

5 Steel Strips
2 Set Bracers
Style: C
Finish: Polished
Size: L