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550 Paracord Survival Belt - Autumn Camo

Closeout 550 Paracord Survival Belt - Autumn Camo
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A conventional belt equipped with approximately 80 ft of 550 paracord in a handy cobra weave pattern. Belt is fully functional with a sturdy steel box-frame buckle. Paracord rope is weather-proof and water or moisture resilient, this nylon cord can be expected to last more than a decade and is extremely tough and durable. Overall Length: 44 Inches (fits size 32 through size 44) Paracord Length: 80 Feet Paracord Strength: 550lbs Number of Cords: 1 Number of Core Yarns: 7 Strands Color: Autumn Camo Features: Steel box-frame belt buckle, Cobra Braid Weave