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Skullz Survival Paracord Bracelet-Orange Autumn Camo

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11D, 11D
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Type III Paracord bracelets are made with cord that can hold 550lbs test weight and last forever. These particular bracelets have an extra survival addition you may find both convenient and smart. This particular style offers a rugged survival paracord bracelet with a wide braiding and it is expedition ready, super stylish, and is our largest option to conquer the wilderness. It is a HUGE bracelet. Our Skullz Survival Bracelet paracord bracelets are tough, huge, and they mean all business! Made with up to 17.06 feet paracord, they are the best option if you are looking to carry the maximum amount of cord. The orange and autumn camouflage bracelet has also been popular for outdoor enthusiasts that go camping and hiking in the wilderness. It comes equipped with an easy plastic side release buckle. This particular style large paracord bracelet comes with a signature Skull within the braiding. Overall Length: 10 Inches, Paracord Length: 17.06 Feet, Each Cord Length: 8.53 Feet