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Worldly Scrolled Fancy Cheese Knife

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Cheese was often served both at the beginning and end of the meal. Many people considered cheese necessary for good digestion. Cheese were often served on a board and there may or may not have been served with a knife depending on the Hosts status.  We can agree that if you are having a dinner party Medieval or not that this knife will do the job and look great doing it.  Made from forged iron steel with a blackened finish gives in an older antique feel.  The scrolled handle makes it unique and decorative enough for a nice dinner but just dont limit this blade to cheese oh no, you can also use it for butters and different spreads.

Overall Length: 5.75 Inches
Overall Width: 1.38 Inches
Thickness: 9.88 mm
Blade Length: 3.25 Inches
Material: Forged Iron Steel

Blackened Finish
Scroll Design