Wood Borne Medieval Arming Dagger Knightly Costume Historical Reenactment Cosplay Knife w/ Hard Scabbard

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Woods are the root of life. All things begin and congregate there. The Wood Borne Medieval Dagger is a gorgeous dagger with a thin blade and light wood colored handle. The pommel is partially the wood-colored handle and the other part is a silver cap affixed to the end giving the dagger a natural elegance. The guard is asymmetrical and carved with texture and runes on both sides. A thin, single edged blade protrudes from the handle which results in a unique design for a dagger. The Wood Borne comes with a hard scabbard that is a matte black with a silver chape and locket carved with runes similar to the guard. This dagger is perfect for any collector, cosplayer, or reenactor. Overall Length: 11.5 Inches. Weight: 0.45 lbs.

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