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Warrior Shield Maiden Norse Viking Battle Axe | Floral Engraved Handle |

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Men were not the only ones wreaking havoc on the battle field, you know. In fact, female Viking warriors were mentioned in several sagas throughout Norse history. These brave women-at-arms were referred to as shield maidens. This axe is made for women who aren't afraid to get down and dirty like the true Viking warrior they are. Forged from carbon steel, the head of this axe is razor sharp and ready for war, with a serpent etched on either side to remind the wielder to strike quick and show no mercy. The bearded style of the axe head is perfect for hooking an opponent's shield to bring down their defenses or to catch an attacker's leg to throw them off balance. The handle is made from durable sheesham wood and stained a brilliant oak color. For a touch of feminine design, an elegant floral motif has been etched onto both sides of the handle. A lanyard hole located at the bottom of the handle allows you to attach a cord or string. Available with or without floral motif on handle. Overall Length: 20.5 inches, Handle Length: 19 inches