Closeout Warrior of Peace Black Leather Arm Armor Bracers

Warrior of Peace Black Leather Arm Armor Bracers

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Not all warriors are out for blood. Some fight for peace. Protect yourself with these incredible arm bracers made for a warrior with good intentions. These nice arm bracers are made of sturdy genuine leather and offer over 10 inches of protection. They feature a beautiful decoration made from pure brass in the center that resembles a flower. A perfect accessory for any knight, warrior or gladiator. Great for use in any fantasy setting, LARP or theater. The bracers are 10.6 inches long and when laid flat they are 12.12 inches at the widest point close to the elbow and 8.8 inches wide at the wrist. They are sold as a set, and feature and adjustable lace closure from comfortable fit. Combine these with our Warrior of Peace leg greaves for the ultimate protection.

Genuine Black Leather Bracers
100% Brass Floral Decoration
Adjustable Lace Up Closure
Compatible with a Wide Variety of Characters
Provides Protection for Most of Forearm
Perfect for LARP, Costume, Cosplay, Theatre and Much More
Overall Length: 10.6 inches
Overall Width: 10.24 inches
Wrist Width:7.7 inches
One Size Fits Most
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Low Price Guaranteed
Volume Discounts Available