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Ultimate Precognition Frog Calvary Saber Belt Holder Frog

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Calvary sabers are special. They are intricate and often feature rings along the sheath. These rings make it difficult to carry a saber since normal frog won’t work with them. Having the precognition to know a special holder is necessary is exactly what makes a soldier reliable. The holder themselves are made of 100% genuine leather so this belt holder is just as reliable as its bearer. This frog is two separate pieces. Each one has a loop that can be unscrewed. Once unscrewed, the loop will go around a ring on the calvary sabers sheath. The frog only fastens the sheath to your belt so the sword can still be easily drawn. The Ultimate Precognition Belt Holder is a must have for any costume including a calvary sword, but you already knew that. Overall Length Piece 1: 13 Inches. Overall Length Piece 2: 6.50 Inches. Weight: 0.12 lbs.