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Traditional Soups on Medieval Wooden Spoon

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The earliest English reference to a silver spoon does not appear till 1259 in a will. Wooden spoons although frequently overlooked, appear regularly in medieval artwork often implying the users humble origins. One of the most interesting medieval spoons is the coronation spoon used in the anointing of the English sovereign. Spoons have strong culinary ties as they are used in food preparation to measure, mix, stir and toss ingredients. They are also used in place settings as well as eating utensils. Spoons were generally the only utensil provided at a meal, guests would often have to provide their own knife at a meal unless they were a guest of high importance. This wooden spoon has been crafted with a natural finish and made thick to last.  It is just the touch you need in period re-enactments during meals.

Overall Length: 7.50 Inches
Overall Width: 1.78 Inches
Overall Height:  .78 Inches
Thickness:  .38 Inches
Material: Wood

Natural Finish