TORCHURED™ Police Grade Maximum Strength Pepper Spray Keychain | Black W/ Green Leaf Pattern |

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You don’t have to go alone; take this! This little bottle of pocket protection packs a punch, and will leave any assailant on their knees begging for mercy. This tiny potent canister quickly fires a nasty defensive system on command at a range of up to 10 feet for the ultimate self-defense! It contains the powerful maximum strength Oleoresin Capsicum used by law enforcement and protection forces. Unleash dragon fire on your attacker and watch them scream in agony. When sprayed into the face of your assailant, it will immediately cause eye irritation, burning, excruciating pain, and temporary blindness so you can make your escape. This spray also contains a UV identifying dye that helps ID the suspect. The safety lock feature allows you to carry it in your pocket or purse safely without it inadvertently discharging. The durable black leather sheath features an interesting leaf pattern with felt interior and has a snap closure for quick defense, as well as a key ring to attach to your belongings. Never have to worry about leaving your house with our convenient self-defense spray by your side. 

One Hand Protection

Quick & Easy to Operate

12 Shots that Blast up to 10 Ft

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Low Price Guaranteed
Volume Discounts Available