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Tomioka Giyu Collectible Demon Slayer Replica Hashira Blue Nichirin Katana Sword | Black Version

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In order to become one of the highest-ranking demon slayers, known as the Nine Hashira, you must first prove your worthiness. That kind of training and dedication could not be achieved without the assistance of a reliable Nichirin, which is the sword or weapon that is specially made for a demon slayer to kill demons. This replica katana is made to look just like the new version of the sword owned by Giyu Tomioka, who is a very powerful member of the nine Hashira in the series that specializes in water breathing. The blade is constructed of high carbon steel with a factory edge and sports a black and silver finish. Etched onto the side of the blade are the Kanji for “Destroy Demons”. A black faux ray skin handle is wrapped meticulously with black cotton in a traditional Japanese Style. The steel hand guard features a hexagonal design in a bright red and black finish. Included with this beautiful collectible katana sword is a shiny hard black scabbard to house your blade when not defeating demons. Overall Length: 38 inches, Blade Length: 26.5 inches