Super Star Japanese Handmade 1045 High Carbon Steel Usable Katana Sword

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The Super Star Handmade Japanese Katana features a 1045 High Carbon Steel blade, hammered and forged to a perfect finish. It sports a traditional heat tampered 28.5 inch blade offers a traditional made Hamon which shows the authenticity that it was created from a fast cooling method. The Hi or Blood Groove put a great balancing in this sword and it makes the sword easy to maneuver. The blade is attach to the handle in the process of Full Tang. Full Tang is when the blade runs all the way into the handle and is held by two visible bamboo pegs. The Ito or cord on the handle is wrapped in the traditional braided style which offers a imitation Ray Skin, under the nylon blue cord. The Fuchi Kashira or butt cap is plain copper. The cast metal guard features a star design. The Saya or Scabbard is made from wood with a rough black finish and sports the shoulder strap with the knob. This sword will make a stunning sword collection. This sword Comes with free sword bag. Overall Length: 41 Inches.
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