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Stealthy Smoke Blue Keychain Spring Pipe

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This cleverly-designed pipe is changing the game of the smoking world. You wouldn’t think much when the stainless-steel spring shaft is bent and the pipe ends are connected to form a metal loop on someone’s key chain, but when you pull out the mouthpiece from the bowl, voila! Your pipe is ready to go! Both the solid aluminum bowl and mouthpiece are colored an eccentric shade of blue, so you’ll be sure not to lose it even when it is in stealth mode. While you’re smoking from it, you can slightly bend the shaft to add cooling air to your hit. When you’re done, bend it back to pop the mouthpiece into the bowl and no one will know what you’ve been up too. Well, they may smell it, but there won’t be any physical evidence. Overall Length: 5.5 inches, Spring Shaft Length: 4.25 inches, Mouthpiece: .5 inches