Splayed Stars Lever Lock Automatic Knife with Black Pearl Handle

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The stars scattered against the pitch-black expanse of freezing space are mirrored in the pearly black handle of the Splayed Stars Lever Lock Knife. The blade on this knife is black anodized stainless steel and the hardware matches so this knife is fully blacked-out, resulting in a cool and mysterious look. This knife is an automatic knife with a lever lock mechanism which means that there is a lever on the bolster. If this lever is pressed down then the blade will deploy, swinging out of the left side of the handle. You press the lever down again to unlock the blade so you can guide it back into the handle to close it. If you flip the lever up then the blade cannot deploy. For even safer carry and storage, the Splayed Stars Lever Lock Knife comes with its own black nylon sheath with a belt loop. Overall Length: 8 Inches, Blade Length: 3.5 Inches


*Disclaimer: The knife may need to be played with for a while before it functions perfectly. The sheath may have a white powder on it, this is to keep anything from sticking to the sheath in transit. The powder should be easy to wipe away. Please contact us with any questions you have.

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