Slice of Paradise Fixed Blade Cleaver Outdoor Hunting Knife

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  • CLEAVER BLADE: This blade shape is perfect for a lot of things such as splitting, chopping, sparking fires with the help of a flint and much more.
  • LANYARD HOLE: This knife comes equipped with not only a sheath but also a lanyard hole for extra ease of carry.
  • SLASH TEXTURE FINISH: The blade on this knife is highly and gorgeously textured which looks amazing but also means it won’t show scratches no matter what you get up to.
  • HAND MADE: How can a slice of paradise be anything but lovingly made by hand? We make it but you make it your own.
  • FULL TANG: The blade on this beauty runs right down to the pommel. This provides extra durability and means the blade won’t snap off of the handle during heavy work.
  • CONVENIENT SMALL SIZE: Big things come in small packages. This 8-inch handheld wonder is capable of far more than you think. It’ll fit in your pocket until you’re ready to do them.

The sunlight through the canopy makes you feel wild, untethered. No tall buildings, no glass, not even the sound of an engine. The sound of leaves crunching and birds singing. Let’s make something. Let’s split some roots and make some rope. Let’s split some wood for a fire. Let’s make a spit out of tree limbs and relax with some good food and some better friends. Let’s do all of that with the Slice of Paradise Fixed Blade Cleaver Outdoor Hunting Knife. This full tang blade has a slash textured finish so you can do all of this without worrying about scratching the blade. All you need is a slice of paradise… and this one comes with a gorgeous black leather sheath.

Overall Length: 8 Inches
Blade Length: 4 Inches
Blade Width: 2.25 Inch
Blade Thickness: 4.27 mm
Blade Style: Cleaver
Blade Construction: High carbon
Handle Construction: Wood
Handle Length: 4.02 Inches
Includes: Leather sheath
Features: Lanyard hole

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