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Scottish Rebellion Knight of Elderslie Wallace Sword

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Wallace put the freedom of his country and people above all else in life, and is considered to be Scotland's greatest patriotic hero. Dying a martyr, he became the very symbol of Scotlands struggle for freedom. He is respected not only among the Scottish peoples but by people of all creeds and nationalities, as all can relate to the basic right of each nation to self-governance, and all understand a man's love for his native soil. This sword is replicated after Wallaces original with its long signature claymore handle that has been beautifully wrapped in dark brown faux leather.  The pommel and guard sport a shiny chrome finish to contrast against the dark earth tones in the brown. The blade is constructed of stainless steel with a dull factory edge.  A scabbard is featured to house that blade and is wrapped in the same fabric as the handle.  This beautiful blade is perfect for re-enactments or just to decorate the walls.  You will certainly be pleased with this choice.

Overall Length: 45 Inches
Blade Length: 32.50 Inches
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness: 3.66 mm
Handle Length: 9.50 Inches
Handle Material: Faux Leather
Guard Length: 8.75 Inches

Stainless Steel Blade
Replicated from Sir William Wallace
Leather Faux Wraps on Scabbard & Handle
Includes: Scabbard