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Scorching Contact Iron Pot Holder Hook

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Your camping set up is finally complete. You admire it, as you should. It really is elegant. Logs dragged over for seating and a fire pit that took 3 and a half combined hours over gathering and construction. A cooking set up that could rival that of the most seasoned outdoorsmen. Suddenly you see your cooking pot and make a quick comparison to your set up and realize an hour before dinner is supposed to be cooking that there is nothing to hang your pot on. In instances like that is when you need the Scorching Contact Iron Pot Holder Hook.

The Scorching Contact Iron Pot Holder Hook is a simple yet beautifully designed hook that is meant to hold your cookware and be hung over a fire. The construction is solid iron so it is incredibly strong and won’t be bothered by even the largest of campfires. This small piece is the cherry on top of a beautiful and well thought out camping cookware setup. With this hook, you can cook your meat on a spit and then hang the soup pot over the fire immediately after without having to waste time. The Scorching Contact Iron Pot Holder Hook offers a deep hook that will not dislodge from wherever you hang it and a smaller V-shaped hook for the pot handle which lessens contact while still offering necessary support. The smaller amount of direct contact localizes and limits travel of heat so that the handle isn’t burning. Of course, this is still metal so the closer the hook is to the fire the hotter it will become so please handle the Scorching Contact Iron Pot Holder Hook with care. Overall Length: 4.08 Inches