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Quick Fixes Multipurpose Tool Keychain

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A house is a fickle thing. It may look nice in a once over but a closer look will reveal a million things that could be better. A million fixes that need to be done. Once you notice one it tugs at your mind until you deal with it. You lose hours deciding to do it so why not do it immediately upon noticing it? Well, you may not have the tools necessary. How frustrating is it to need the simplest tool while they constantly run off and hide somewhere? The number of screwdrivers in your house dwindling. Your pliers finding a tear in the inner seam of your tool bag and subsequently being lost forever. You don’t have to worry about that with the Quick Fixes Multipurpose Tool Keychain.

The Quick Fixes Multipurpose Tool Keychain is a stainless steel multipurpose tool folding out into a pair of pliers, both a Philips head and flathead screwdriver, a file, a bottle opener, and a mini knife. That is six, yes, SIX in one. The tool folds down into a 2-inch oval shape with no sharp edges. The tool comes on a keychain so even if your pockets are too full you can still carry this 2-inch tool on your keyring. The handles to the pliers are on either side of the tool; simply rotate them in two different directions and the pliers will open on their own, ready for action. The other tools can be pulled open from the handles even if the tool is closed. The knife and Philips head screwdriver are on one side and the bottle opener/file and flathead screwdriver are on the other side. The Quick Fixes Multipurpose Tool Keychain presents endless possibilities and it is durable enough to last for years. Overall Length: 2 Inches. Weight: 0.09 lbs.