Pocket Devils Den Butterfly Knife

SKU: 9B6-BF2272_D1
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This sleek balisong comes with a fantastic Damascus steel blade.  Its made from 1095/15N20 alloy steel.  The eye catching pattern on the blade is called Random.  A billet is forged, hammered, and heated so that a pattern shows on the blade. The Rockwell rating is around 54 to 55 with 176 true blade layers. It comes double pinned with a double walled handle. The segmented wooden mounts are stained in a red oak finish that contrasts beautifully with the satin steel mounts. To lock the handles in place the bite handle comes with a safety lock at its end.  The ABS sheath can slide sideways down as a clip or you can use the slots to put a belt through.  With quality like this there is no need to go anywhere else. Overall Length: 8.75 Inches.
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