Pillar of Light Silver Nunchucks Ninja Shinobi Stainless Steel 10.75 inch Textured Multiuse Personal Defense Training Baton Nunchaku

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The thick stainless steel handle has been finished in a gleaming silver. Hard and light, the Pillar of Light Nunchaku is fast. The handles are threaded and connect together, becoming a short staff baton for multiuse and easy storage. This nunchaku is completed with a durable Kusari (chain). The chain connects with a bearing type bolster on the Kontoh (top). Every part of this nunchaku holds potential. The handles feature a knurl texture for secure grip and each handle is 10.75 inches long and a full inch thick. The Pillar of Light has potential uses as a home defense weapon as well as a for training. Be careful though, this nunchaku means business. Overall Length: 21.5 Inches (Assembled), 10.75 Inches (Disassembled). Weight: 0.9 lbs.

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