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OTF Hell on Wheels Automatic Dual Action Knife

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You can tell by the name just how bad ass this blade is.  Brought to you all the way from Taiwan with a dual action to rival any other, this knife just cant be stopped.  Use the trigger to eject and retract the knife over and over again.  See how smooth and extremely fast the blade deploys.  Just watch the stainless steel two toned blade fly.  Not only is this blade fast but the unique American tanto style makes it one down right sexy beast.  The extra-large handle casing is made from a durable zinc aluminum alloy and comes with a diamond grip design.  The end features a glass breaker with a steel belt clip.  Now we all know it states it is a glass breaker but we it will be cracking heads later.
This Taiwan made Dual Action OTF Knife comes equipped with a durable black nylon pouch with Velcro adjustable belt loop and side release adjustable buckle, making it easy for access, especially when in dire situation. This knife is great for work or play so keep it with you at all times. Overall Length: 9.5 inch, Blade Length: 3.75 inch