Oishee Japanese Style Carbon Steel Kitchen Knife Set of 3

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Named after the Japanese word for ‘tasty,’ the Oishee Japanese Kitchen Knife Set contains 3 must-have chef knifes. The Bunka excels with fruits, veggies, fish, and meat with its broad blade and angled tip. The Usuba allows you to achieve ultra-fine veggie slicing and peeling. The blade is similar to a cleaver however the blade is not as large and therefore is easier to manipulate. The Kiritsuke is most commonly used for slicing fish, though it is notoriously difficult to use. Usually only executive chefs use them as they are a status symbol as well. The blades are full tang and composed of high carbon steel with a textured gray finish on the majority of the blade leaving the sharp edge with a polished silver steel finish for clean cuts. The handles are pinned securely to the tang and are composed of ABS with a gorgeous red and blue swirl pattern that captures and intrigues the eye. Any chef would love these beautiful tools and the kiritsuke would be a fun challenge for any cooking enthusiast. Overall Length: 12.5 inches. Weight: 1.90 lbs.

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