Nunchaku Descendants of the Dragon Wooden Set

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Wield in one hand the nunchaku using its hardened handles for blunt force, as well as wrapping its chain around an attacking weapon to immobilize or disarm an opponent. If you are a lover not a fighter use your nunchaku to freestyle in a YouTube video and show off your mad skills to impress the ladies. Some modern martial arts even teach the use of nunchaku, as it may help students improve their reflexes, hand control, and other skills. The wooden nunchakus have a black finish and ribbed at the end for a firm grip.  A golden dragon design is towards the top signifying strength, courage, and fortitude. The chain links swivel from the Kontoh (top/bolster) and are made of steel, fastened with steel hardware. These Nunchucks are perfect for training and displaying the martial arts nunchaku techniques.

Overall Length: 31.50 Inches
Each Handle Length:  12.25 Inches
Chain: 8 Inches, Stainless Steel
Handle: Natural Wood, Black Finish, Ribbed
Bolsters: Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Construction Chain
Wooden Handle
Gold Dragon Design

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