Norse Viking Icelandic Vegvisir Jormungandr Drinking Horn Mug

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 Toast to another successful victory with this immaculate handmade drinking mug. Although this mug works as a nice décor item, it is fully-functional and can be used to hold all kinds of drinkable liquids. This Mug features carvings of the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr, and the Icelandic compass-like symbol Vegvisir, which means That Which Shows the Way. Not only will you know your way through any storm with this mug, but youll also feel like a true Viking king as you drink from it. The horn is hand-polished for a smooth, shiny look, with a food- safe sealant on the inside and a wooden base that is expertly carved to sit evenly on any flat suface.

*Please wash with a gentle detergent and polish with vegetable oil to keep it from drying out. And from time to time you will want to use beeswax to coat the inside to keep from cracking and the inside drying out. Do not put hot liquids in this item. Please remember this is a natural item and each piece is unique. Approx. 10 inches x 12 inches, but the size varies because it is made from natural horn.

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