Norse Ravenscar Burnt Effect Drinking Horn

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To the Vikings mead was considered a sacred/ceremonial drink, and not used as a regular quaffer.  It was often served in decorative horns during rituals or special occasions.  In a burial ritual a Chieftan would receive intoxicating drinks, fruits, and a stringed instrument in his grave, maybe perhaps a drinking horn as well to use in the afterlife.  Weddings were often another ritual where you would find the use of a ceremonial drinking horn.  These vessels housed funeral ale in the passing of inheritance rituals. The funeral ale was a way of socially demarcating the case of death. It was only after drinking the funeral ale that the heirs could rightfully claim their inheritance. Horns like the Norse Ravenscar Burnt Effect Drinking Horn would have been made from local livestock.  This horn is all natural with a food safe clear coat on the inside and hand polished on the outside. Drinking horns have always held great importance in the rituals and celebrations of Vikings. You can find that they are still widely used in ceremonies such as weddings today.

Horn Height (Approximate): 12-16 Inches
Material: Cow Horn
Species: Bovine
Size: Varies
Capacity: 19-27 oz

Color: Varies
Design: Burnt Effect
Natural and Hand Polished

* Please not there may be a slight odor as this is a natural item. The color and shape may vary and may not be exactly like the picture.  Item may have minor scratches due to buffing and natural material. When measuring this item we measure it at the spine. This is an all-natural item and you will need to coat inside with beeswax. In order to do this you will melt the beeswax and pour it in the horn. Coat the inside evenly and pour out the excess wax. Please wash with a gentle detergent before coating the inside and polish with vegetable oil to keep it from drying out. And from time to time you will want to use beeswax to coat the inside to keep from cracking.  Please do not use hot liquids in this item.   The variations in their shapes and colors can only be made by nature; thus a horn may have natural blemishes which will not affect its functionality but does verify its authenticity.


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