Norse God Hammer of Thor Pendant Necklace

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The story of how Thor came to own this hammer is a very interesting one.  In this story, Loki bets his head with Sindri (or Eitri) and his brother Brokkr that they could never succeed in making items more beautiful than those of the Sons of Ivaldi. Sindri and Brokkr accept Loki's bet and the two brothers begin working.  Throughout the process Loki tries to sabotage the brothers work but in the end they create a beautiful piece and win the bet.  However, Loki worms his way out of the bet by pointing out that the dwarves would need to cut his neck to remove his head, but Loki's neck was not part of the deal. As a consolation prize, Brokkr sews Loki's mouth shut to teach him a lesson. The pendant you see before you has been hand forged from iron and includes an adjustable leather cord necklace. This Hammer of Thor encompasses the Viking tradition looking like an exact replica of a mighty Viking hammer.  Where is proudly as it is an instrument of Blessing, Consecration, and Protection.

Overall Length:  18 Inches (Max Adjustment)
Pendant Dimensions: 1 x .63 x 2.13 Inches
Material: Forged Iron
Necklace Material: Leather

Design on Front and Back
Design: Hammer
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