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Nocturnal Wheel Ornamental Adornment Set

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The Nocturnal Wheel Ornamental Adornment is something special and has many different purposes of being used. Many hear the term Adornment and think about a flat ring that goes between a nail and a surface to evenly distribute pressure without the nail going completely through. The Nocturnal Wheel Ornamental Adornment has a larger purpose as it is made out of 100% real brass. This Adornment is based off of the medieval design with an intricate pattern on the front side of the Adornment. Some of the uses for this 5 piece set are as a button on a medieval pouch, to decorate leather work, furniture, be attached as an emblem on a medieval helmet, or even simply be used on other articles of clothing for an authentic Renaissance look.

Material: Brass
Width: 1 in.
Thickness: 1 cm.
Set of 5