Missouri Monarch XL Grand Italian Milano Faux Stag Stiletto Knife

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If you need a knife that’ll send a message, this is the knife for you! You’ll leave your attacker quaking in their boots when you pull out this bad boy, that’s for sure. This menacing automatic stiletto knife features a near 6-inch stainless-steel blade with a anodized black finish, as well as an impressive faux stag handle. To open the knife, you will press the shiny silver button at the top of the handle. To close, push the black t-shaped bolster above the handle toward the base with your thumb. A slide lock on the handle prevents accidental opening while not in use. Included with this knife is a free black nylon quick release sheath with belt loop for easy carry. Overall Length: 12.50 Inches, Blade Length: 5.62 Inches



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