Mirrored Illusion Medieval Dual Tone Sword

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The things you think you see aren’t always what they truly are. A trick of the light, of the eyes and it becomes a monster. This is not something to take lightly. The Mirrored Illusion Medieval Sword is a sword with a stunning dual tone finish on the blade. The fuller in the center of the blade has been darkened with a lacquer paint to add depth to its design. The handle on this sword is a black leather wrap which provides an authentic look as well as a comfortable grip. The guard is flat and twisted leaving the points of the edges in the direction of the blade. The pommel is a circle with a raised center. The Mirrored Illusion comes with its own genuine leather sheath with a shoulder strap for easy carry.

Overall Length: 33 Inches
Blade Length: 26 Inches
Blade Width: 2 Inch
Blade Thickness: 4.14 mm
Handle Length: 7 Inches
Blade Construction: 1095 High Carbon
Handle Construction: Black Leather Wrap
Includes: Faux Leather Scabbard
Features: Black Leather Wrap Handle, Circular Pommel

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