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Medieval Wedged Rivet Steel Chainmail Coif Armor

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AV5, AV5
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Our exquisite Medieval Chainmail Coif is made of hundreds of rings in the medieval 4 in 1 pattern. This particular version is known as a Flat Ring Wedge Riveted with Alternate Solid Rings. This design Chainmail coif has an open front section to give you great visibility and drapes over the entire neck onto the shoulders. The Chainmaile coif includes the aventail (neck cover) and thus covers the sides, back and front of the wearers head. Handmade 9mm diameter ring construction. Steel Type: 18 Gauge. Made of blackened forged steel Each ring is riveted to prevent separation. European 4 into 1 ring pattern. Great for costumes and re-enactors. We recommend wearing with an Arming Cap. Size: Large.