Medieval Roman Damascus Steel Gladiator Spatha Sword

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A Spatha is a type of long sword used in the territory of the Roman Empire during the 1st to 6th centuries AD, both in the front lines of war and in performance in gladiatorial fights in the Roman Coliseum. None of them were quite this cool, though. Our Gladiator sword is forged of durable Damascus steel, with approximately 400-520 layers, an HRC of 58-60, and 1095/15N20 high quality steel. Not only does it have a beautiful wave pattern on the blade, but the handle is just as interesting. The center features a smooth contoured Camel bone surface that has been stained a gorgeous evergreen, with olive wood and horn spacers. In between each section there are brass inserts to add elegance to the piece and define each natural material making a bold statement. Overall Length: 30.50 Inches, Blade Length: 23.25 Inches

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