Medieval Renaissance Leather Camel Brown Suede Pouch

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Throughout history, warriors have always needed food, maps, flint, sharpening stones and the like. But where to put them? Chainmail with pockets wasn't really in vogue in the Middle Ages, and knights with purses didn't really catch on like some merchants had hoped. Fortunately, the belt-pouch was invented and warriors everywhere could carry their small items with efficiency and pride. The pouch is made from high quality camel brown suede leather and is just large enough to fit small items of food, cell phones, keys, wallets, etc. It features an intricately designed brass button and leather thongs for tying it shut. A double-riveted belt loop is attached to the backing making for easy donning and doffing. This is a stunning, rugged and historically accurate addition to any belt or costume. It is also an ideal accessory for any LARP or SCA outfit. Dimensions: 5x4.75 inches, Material: Camel Brown Leather Suede

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