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Mail Piercer Norse Viking Spear Head Sharpened to the Pointed Edge

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Vikings are well known for decorating their weapons with elaborate designs that made them unique to each individual warrior. We have taken this tradition and combined these designs with a beautiful stainless-steel spear head. This mail-piercer spear head makes a unique piece and will definitely make your Viking costume stand out. A tooled leather sheath is included with this spear head to prevent poking anyone’s eye out! Overall Length: 11.25 Inch

Material: High Carbon Steel; Oiled
Sharpened, Pointed Edge
Etched Floating Wave Viking Designs
Genuine Leather Sheath Included
Overall Length: 11.25 inches
Blade Length: 6.5 inches
Blade Width: 2 inches
Opening Diameter For Shaft: 16.68 mm
Shaft Not Included