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Leif Medieval Viking Axe

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Even of the poorest of the poor had some form of an axe back in the Viking era. Vikings preferred the axe because not only was it an efficient tool for house work, it also doubled as a deadly weapon. From farming axes to throwing axes; they were all considered a necessity. This axe is made to replicate a simple small axe that a Viking would typically use for multiple purposes. The handle of our axe is made from sturdy wood and stained a beautiful rustic color. The axe head is forged from solid carbon steel, and is given a rough and textured finish to look like a relic straight from the Viking era. The blade comes dull, but can easily be sharpened to suit your needs and send your enemies running. The bottom of the axe blade is slightly dented, and could be used as a pick.  Overall Length: 18 inches, Blade Length: 6 inches