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Final Act Display Kukri Knife

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The Final Act Display Kukri Knife is a 9.25-inch kukri knife packed with drama. The blade is stainless steel lifting up to an arc at the spine and then, plummeting to the tip, the outline ricochets and the sharp edge shoots back toward the handle once again uplifting reminiscent of violin notes and sweeping down to a stutter in the form of two grooves cut into the blade and meeting the guard. The guard of the Final Act is cold stainless steel as well holding the blade and the handle firm. The handle is the showstopper; hard ABS the color of a starless sky, black with sharp curves that jut out and leave you awestruck coming out to a wide, round oval shape at the pommel. The Final Act will restart every time you look at it. The Curtains never fall on true brilliance. Overall Length: 9.25 Inches. Weight: 0.4 lbs.