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Knights Templar Medieval Sword

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The Templar knights fought with King Richard and other crusaders in the battles of the Holy Land beginning in the early 1100's. This traditional replica sword offers similar ornaments that accent blade, including Celtic knot works and two red Crusaders crosses on both sides of the pommel with an image of two knights on their horses mirroring the original weapon. It is equipped with a 37 1/4-inch mirror polished, stainless steel blade and cast metal guard, pommel and handle. Etched onto the blade are gorgeous designs similar to the images on the handle. The bronze and silver accented handle offers an intricate detail design with shields, cross, knights on horseback and heavenly creatures. The Pommel boasts a large round wheel with Celtic knot works and the crusader cross with bronze accent. Included with this decorative sword is a matching hard black scabbard with pewter accents for the locket and chape. Overall Length: 29.5 inches, Blade: 22.75 inches