KILL KNIVES™ Tranquilize Ball Bearing Spring Assisted D2 Blade G10 Handle Pocket Knife

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You’ll never have another knife that opens so smoothly, thanks to our ball bearing pivot mechanism. While this feature is usually on rather expensive pocket knives, KILL™ provides this feature at a reasonable cost to you! The 4.7 mm thick blade of our Fortification is made from solid D2 steel. D2 is a steel that is high in chromium that provides high wear resistance as well as exceptional toughness and hardness, and this D2 blade has been given a sand finish for even better scratch and wear resistance. D2 steel can cut through whatever you need like a slice of a cake! The handle features a double wall construction with a steel frame and sleek black G10 mounts that have a diamond textured finish for a non-slip grip. The hardware on the handle is anodized blue, including a pocket clip that allows you to carry this bad boy wherever you go! Another component of the handle is the glass breaker provided to use in case of emergency. Included with your new companion is a black carrying case with attached belt loops and a free cleaning cloth. Overall Length: 8 inches, Blade Material: D2 Steel, Blade Length: 3.4 inches

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