Kill Bill Handmade Full Tang Hattori Hanzo Demon Sword

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This is the Hattori Hanzo Demon sword you have been waiting for Fully functional and accurate to the movie Hand forged full tang Demon sword from Kill Bill. The blade made of 1095 high carbon steel with insignia on the tang. The Kill Bill Demon Emblem is engraved on one side of the blade. The handle is wrapped with a black leather braid (ITO). On each side of the handle there is a metal dragon Munuki (Ornament), with the same design as in Kill Bill. The scabbard (Saya) is of hardwood wood with piano quality finish. 2 Demon emblems engraved on the Fuchi (Collar) and 1 leaf sycamore emblem engraved on the Kashira (Buttcap). Overall length: 40 Inches. Blade Length: 29 Inches. Includes: Free Sword Bag and Stand.
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