Keen Charisma Pink Suede Leather Pouch

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The medieval era of clothing and accessories were once forgotten because of the eras drastic fall off in history. Little did we know, medieval accessories would be re-emerging and look better than ever. When our Keen Charisma Pink Suede Leather Pouch rests between your fingertips, the ultimate bond is formed. A double-riveted belt loop is attached to the backing for easy donning and doffing. An elastic-like string helps the closure to this already beautiful pouch. The adornment comes with an elegant star-like design. The soft high quality suede gives you the feel of some of the finest materials used by the medieval kings and queens. The pouch is often used for holding coins, arrowhead tips, small fruits and many other small objects that could be a nuisance. The handmade quality brings the perfect feel to take you back in time.

Bag Material: Suede Leather
Weight: 0.15lbs
Length w/ Belt Loop: 7.55 in.
Length w/o Belt Loop: 5.8 in.
Width: 5.5 in. Height: 0.5 in.
Belt Loop Length: 1.75 in.
Belt Loop Width: 1.25 in.
Belt Loop Height: 0.5 in.
Adornment Material: Brass

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