Intimidation Technique Tactical Hunting Knife with Paddle

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Just by looking at this knife anyone can see why it is intimidating.  It has a strong stainless steel full tang construction with a clip point style blade allows for a quicker, and thus deeper, puncture upon insertion.  This thick blade comes sharp with a satin finish to reduce the reflective surface and is a more natural finish than most.  There is a quillion to protect the knife users hand from slipping onto the blade and a textured ABS handle for a firm grip. How could you not consider this knife an intimidation technique?  But I still have not got to the best part.  Well lets just cut to the chase..The hard abs sheath comes with a removable paddle.  It is the same type of paddle you see on gun holsters these days.  The paddle also includes belt loops to slide on say a web or duty belt. Wait!  Im not done there is more. The sheath also has slits to strap this knife to your thigh or calf and eyelets to remove the paddle and lace it through your boot.  If you are ever in the game of intimidation then the Intimidation Technique Tactical Hunting Knife with Paddle I should be your blade of choice.  Overall length is 9 inches.
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