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IL Grande Italian Milano Stiletto Dark Ritual Automatic Knife

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Befitting the Italian title of The Grand or The Great, this deluxe 9.5 inch version of the Italian Milano Stiletto has a piercing pin point tip and razor-sharp edge. The needle-like point is primarily intended for stabbing while there is a partial serration is for sawing. When swiftly deployed via a highly reliable automatic switch, the beautiful drop point style blade extends out to a reach of a full 4 inches. Featuring a highly attractive black finish topped off with shiny brass rivets, the sturdy wooden handle feels great in the hand and offers a solid grip while the black blade creates a sleek all black look. The sleek stainless steel blade is 2.9 mm thick and remains safe and secure when not in use thanks to a safety mechanism. Includes a FREE black nylon sheath with sturdy belt loop. This stiletto is a stunning dark piece of mechanical genius. Overall Length: 9.5 Inches.