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Honorable Swordsmen Genuine Black Leather Adjustable Baldric Belt

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Baldrics are typically meant to be worn over the shoulder. The belt hangs from the shoulder across the chest to suspend the sword from the waist at the opposite side. The sword rests with all its weight at the waist while the shoulder lends extra support. This baldric belt is made from 100% genuine black leather with an adjustable strap so you can fit swords of all shapes and sizes. Heck, why limit yourself to only swords? With 10 adjustable fitments, the possibilities are endless. The design is simple but effective, and can be paired with really any period clothing. Wear this to keep your trusty sword, dagger, or axe close at hand at your next LARPing event or festival. Overall Length: 67 inches

* Please note that the axe and sword pictured are not included.