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Helms Gates Golden Knight Steel Helmet

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Knights were some of the most recognizable figures from medieval times and many other centuries. The knight was often known for his loyalty and bravery in times of war or conflict. However, bravery had come at a cost so that these individuals needed protection. Helmets like our Helms Gates Golden Knight Steel Helmet came about in the late 16th century and were few and far between. Many helmets maintained the pointed nose until the knight helmet eventually disappeared. Many helmets were often used for the sport of jousting. The small eye hole protected riders eyes from splinter shreds from breaking down jousts. Made of polished 20 gauge steel with real brass rosettes and decorations this helmet is a must have for theater, costumes, or re-enactments. This visor moves up and down with brass plating and ventilation holes. Fully closed this helmet extends all the way down to the neck to prevent any type of decapitation. Knights were held in high esteem for their chivalry and code of conduct so take a step back in time with our Helms Gates Golden Knight Steel Helmet.

Material: Steel, Brass
Height: 15.2 in.
Length: 15.2 in.
Gauge: 20g
Dual Opening Mask (Eye Visibility)
Eye Height: 0.75 in.
Eye Peripheral: 5.0 in.

Dual Opening Mask (Face Visibility)
Face Height: 8.0 in.
Face Width: 6.25 in.
Face Depth: 8.75 in.