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Heater Canterbury Cathedral Medieval Shield

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This design lent itself to being relatively inexpensive and easy to make during the Medieval Era. It was relatively lightweight compared to other similar shields at the time such as the kite shield, being easy to move around during both mounted and on-foot combat, and had a fairly high amount of surface area, making for a solid defense. You can leave it as-is, and carry it into battle with no problem, or use it as an empty canvas that lets you to make your own shield design!  In the Medieval Era heater shields were most often used by Knightly classes, although all cross-sections of society are shown using them in medieval iconography.  The heater shield was lighter than many other shield types because of their shape and they can be moved quickly.   This shield features a reasonably large surface area; it's excellent for heraldic display and appropriate for High and Late medieval combat style reenactments.  Forged of solid steel which has been painted entirely in black, this coat of paint acts as a sealer for keeping the shields surface safe from harm, and it is also a fantastic canvas that is perfect for painting your own designs on.  The shield also has a slight curve, which gives it a better defense when it is held in front of your body. If you are looking for a way to show off your personal symbols and heraldry in combat, then there is no better way than to get this Blank Heater Shield and paint it with your personal emblems. Of course, you also paint it in solid colors, in simple designs, or leave it blank, whichever way this shield suits your personal needs!

Length: 28 Inches
Width: 20 Inches
Material: 18 Gauge Steel
Design: Solid Black